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Ballpoint Pens

It seems that the first pen everyone makes is a Slimline. Well, perhaps not everyone, but an overwhelming majority of new turners start out making this pen. It's the one that's supplied in the "starter packs" available at woodworking stores and Amazon and a whole host of pen-making supplies vendors have a variant in their line-up.

Here are a few Slimline ballpoints made according to the instructions, by which I mean that I included the centerband so the two parts of the pen barrel are clearly defined.

Slimline in spalted maple
Slimline in zebra wood
Assorted Slimline pens

Slimline ballpoint pens.

Top: Spalted maple
Above: Zebra wood

Right: 4 x Cocobolo, 2 x Tamarind burl

Below: Amboyna burl

Slimline in Amboyna burl

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