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Modified Slimline

Ballpoint Pens

After making several Slimline ballpoints the normal way (with a centerband), I decided to experiment a little and see what other possibilities existed using the same set of components.

One opportunity was to leave out the centerband completely, extending the upper and lower barrel segments a little to occupy the space that otherwise would have been taken by the metal band. (Simply omitting the centerband could result in the ink refill being too long to fit inside the barrel, which would make it impossible to retract the point.)

Another approach was to substitute other material for the centerband - a contrasting piece of wood, for example.

Both of these methods grant the penmaker free reign to choose the thickness of the pen at the mid-point, opening up new options for the shape and heft of the pen.

Modified Slimline with Honduras Rosewood Burl
Modified Slimline with Curly Maple

Modified Slimline ballpoint pens

Above and Below: Honduras Rosewood burl
Right: Curly Maple

Modified Slimline with Honduras Rosewood Burl

Right: Modified Slimline ballpoint pen in Lignum Vitae, with a contrasting slice of Katalox (which is glued in place with epoxy) to simulate a centerband

Modified Slimline with Lignum Vitae and Katalox substitute band

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