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Russian Olive vase

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Russian Olive wood natural edge vase

This vase was my first experience with Russian Olive wood. I made it for a couple who visited the Association of Revolutionary Turners demonstrations at Topsfield Fair. He was looking for something to hold pencils and pens on his desk, and particularly like the bowls with natural (bark) edges -- though none of them was really suitable for his purpose, being too wide and shallow.

Then I remembered having this piece of wood, which I thought might be a good starting point, and said if they were able to come back the next afternoon I'd have something to show them.

I really didn't know how it was going to turn out, and what a surprise I got when this beautiful grain appeared as I peeled away the outer layers of wood. I had to take extra care not to catch and tear off the bark (it was, after all, the major selling point) and had pretty much completed all but the foot when the lady came back to see it.

A couple of weeks later, it was finished and had 4 coats of polyurethane varnish, which I'd rubbed back to a satin finish (gloss just didn't look right). I snapped a few photos and packaged it, then drove to the post office ...

Left and Below: natural edge vase made of Russian Olive.

Russian Olive wood natural edge vase
Russian Olive wood natural edge vase
Russian Olive wood natural edge vase

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